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Breeding dogs : what you must know

Welcome to this blog dedicated to dogs, this blog will be your canine educator because he is specialized in behavior, he is there to help you. Here you will find: info’s, education, tips, tutorials, reviews, shopping, dog recipes pictures, videos and daily with our dogs! Dog or puppy, we have the solution to all your questions, and all your problems! Check our articles to find a harmonious relationship with your dog.

All about dog breeding

Your puppy has quickly grown up and it does not remain insensitive to the charms of its congeners. Discover the essentials about the dog's breeding, sexual cycle, mating, contraception, sterilization, gestation, puppy birth and first aid. The reproduction of the dog includes various topics such as pregnancy in the dog, from the moment you learn her pregnancy to the birth of the young. Also it is question of the projection and all that touches of near or far to this phenomenon. Take advantage of advice and information so that the gestation of the dog is going well and her young are in good health. Do you want your dog to reproduce? It's up to you to plan your gestation in every detail, from the heat to the protrusion of the animal.

Good practice for your dog

It is important to know the best practices to feed your dog, so as to keep him in good health. Each dog has different nutritional needs: depending on his breed, his physical activity, his age, his nutritional needs vary. Find in this section tips and information on the dog's diet: sporty dog, growing puppy, neutered dog, pregnant bitch / lactation ... Discover the basics to feed your dog. To take care of your dog and offer him a healthy and balanced diet, follow the regular tips on the blog. Feeding a dog will have no secrets for you!

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