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The best way to introduce a saddle to your horse

The saddle is of importance for a horse is his connection link with its rider. It is important to check the saddle so that it does not hit his back while providing the comfort of the user.

Check risk areas if the saddle is not well

The withers, thoracic spine under the seat, lumbar spine behind the saddle and shoulders are the key points to watch when we test a new saddle. You can easily check for yourself some parameters that already say much. To do so, place your saddle without carpet on the back of your horse without the strap and watch. Try without overlapping the for 15 minutes. See if the seat moves and tell you that if this is the case, change the saddle. If the test is positive, go to the second test. Now tighten the saddle still without the “Pad”, get on the horse and repeat the steps for the second quarter of an hour.

Test your saddle

An archway opening to put the 4 fingers flat, and touch the top of the withers with your finger. The back padding your used western saddles for sale must not exceed T18 you find along the last side or the front or the back of the seat should be lifted. Look inside one of your unwashed saddle pads: the area corresponding to the withers and spine must be clean of sweat and hair, which means that the column is released. After installing, you must find that perspiration is uniform and symmetrical. A dry area is a sign of excessive pressure. If the horse is suffering, you will feel it, and you too if you have sore buttocks, hips and back is that it is a saddle that is not comfortable for you.

Feel free to submit your saddle to your osteopath who will then check if the seat is not causing some concerns, especially if these are recurring from one session to another.

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