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What is a good ruminant feed formulation ?

Health must go through the diet. This is as valid for men as for animals. Ruminants are no exception to this rule and must have a good form of food in order to be at their best. The more specific the diet, the more the result will be.

Opt for mash foods!

A good ruminant feed formulation is, above all, a matter of balance. The mash feed perfectly meets this demand. Clearly, the mash is a set of unmilled raw materials. Semi-finished products are also part of the lot. While standard dosed and crushed foods offer many benefits, the mash feed is quick to put in place and offers great savings. Note that mash foods are today subject to specific and well-defined regulations. Hygiene rules, labeling as well as customary obligations are therefore beacons of normalities for all consumers. In addition, the mash is a hybrid food that can be worked as a result of the needs of breeders as well as animals. Nutritional problems can be perfectly solved with this alternative choice. It is also worth noting that in addition to these benefits, this type of food is well accessible.

Fodder and the rest

In addition to the already pre-established foods, a good food formulation is a question of assembly. At first, there is the forage that is essential because it constitutes the ruminant food ration. There are several types of fodder in this setting. Clearly, there is green fodder, fodder harvested and kept for the winter, dry fodder such as hay or straw, silage as well as fodder more or less dried. Then comes the food supplements because the fodder does not always meet the needs of ruminants. It is therefore essential to supplement the animal's food with concentrated foods that are of mineral or vegetable origin if necessary. We talk about protein supplements, energetic or even minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Of course, good nutrition also means plenty of drinking water for ruminants.

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