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Who are Wisium and what do they do ?

Everyone knows Volkswagen. A powerful group and a prestige brand in the automotive world. In the same way, according to each domain, several names sound. They are symbols of quality, symbols of prestige and symbols of powers like Airbus for the aeronautics or Yves Saint Laurent for the fashion ... In short, discover in the following a giant in the field of the breeding.

Powerful group

Wisium is a premix brand of the Neovia group. Neovia is a large company in the food industry. In 1954 was founded Guyomarc'h. It is the ancestor of the Neovia group. The group has undergone several changes since its creation. It is only in 2016 that the company takes the name it bears today. Concerning the premix brand, it was launched to give farmers and breeders a new product that combines quality and efficiency. Indeed, farmers and ranchers will enjoy a marvel of research and technology to keep livestock at its best forms. In the world where competition prevails, it is important to know how to stand out from rivals in order to get the best deal. It is in this concept that Neovia created Wisium.

Group activities

Néovia works in several sectors of activity. Thus, you will be able to see or hear the name of the group in seven areas. You will see it in the agri-food industry, that is, in the production and packaging of food. You will also hear the name sound in aquaculture. You will also be able to see the group's products in the world of pets or petcare. In addition, the group excels in the production and design of premixes and dietary supplements. As any major brand must have, the group has an analytical laboratory and works for this purpose in animal health. In short, the group has become a giant in the primary sector. In addition, Wisium is very popular with its users. Many farmers today use the premix brand for the nutrition of their livestock. This is surely due to the effectiveness of the product, but also by its versatility. Indeed, the mark can be used on any animal species present on your farm.

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